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B2B Partnership & Alliances

Partnership with Educational Institutions

We provide marketing   & representation including “lead education agency” services plus  students’ visa support  to colleges & universities aiming to build or increase their student recruitment presence & share in the Philippine student market


The Philippine Student Market

The Philippines with more than 110 million population with an average age of 27.5, more than 3 million (1.6M post secondary and 1.4M Secondary/SHS) build up of new graduates every year (or 10M in the last 5 years), big  number of professionals including those working overseas and/or have their families & relatives in Canada, Australia, US & other countries with big Filipino communities and with high level of English proficiency  being Asia’s biggest & world’s 4th English speaking countries is considered as an emerging market for the recruitment of high quality international students.


The Philippines is currently ranked among the top 10 source countries for international students but is expected to move up into the top 5 in the next 3 to 5 years.


Our Advantages

Our local market knowledge, experience & positioning backed up by a strong marketing & agents team and time-tested & robust  marketing s strategies plus a high visa success rate would ensure the best results for our education partners in meeting their student recruitment, enrollment & market share targets in the Philippines


Furthermore, we have started expanding our marketing & student recruitment presence in the Asian & international markets (e.g. Japan, Singapore, China, Nigeria, Sri-Lanka, UAE, Middle East & other countries)


Our Exclusive Marketing & Student Recruitment Campaigns for Partner Institutions

Partner educational institutions may participate in our exclusive marketing & student recruitment campaigns which are proven as highly effective in introducing their institution, promoting their programs  & reaching out to the targeted high quality prospective students and thereby, maximize student recruitment & enrollment results in an increasingly competitive student markets.


  • Events Based Marketing - Seminars/webinars &  Group info sessions Plus 1-On-1 session with attendees.  Our student recruitment events are quite unique in sense that it is  attended by high quality prospective students  who are  pre-qualified, pre-registered & matched with the program offerings of the partner institution and covers the most sought after topics of the students/parents in making a decision in their application including the visas & immigration part c/o our Visas & Immigration Specialists Team.


  • Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns - This a focused email marketing sent to thousands of prospective students included in our leads data base whose backgrounds are segmentize and match with the programs offerings of the  partner institution with follow-up & closing mechanisms.


  • Dedicated Marketing & Student Recruitment Team – A dedicated marketing & referral agents team headed by  a Marketing  Officer shall run a focused  marketing & student recruitment campaigns (including events marketing & targeted email marketing) exclusively for the partner institution.


The above exclusive marketing & student recruitment campaigns are  suitable for colleges & universities  who are new entrants to  effectively introduce their institution & promote their programs  as well as those who would like to increase their student recruitment presence and share in the Philippine student market.

B2B Cooperation/Alliances with Immigration Firms

We are also keen in developing  strategic alliance, collaborative joint venture, partnership or other forms of business cooperation  with reputed immigration firms in various countries in promoting & providing visas & immigration services for students/clients in the Philippines & other countries in manner that will complement each other in enhancing the  services & competitive advantage and increasing market reach.

Partner with Us and Let us Grow our Business Together

Interested educational  institutions & providers as well as immigration firms who would like establish partnership or cooperation with our company may contact us at:  /  Mobile +63 920 920 8080

Channel Partners 


Join our High Performing Channel Partner Network


In support of our business expansion program , we seek qualified Channel Partners in various key locations in the Philippines as well as in other countries who can partner with us in promoting our overseas education, visas & immigration service packages in Canada, Australia & USA to the targeted markets in  their respective locations.


Channel Partner Categories


  1. Marketing Affiliates - Suitable for marketing oriented companies like travel agencies, education agencies,  events  companies,  telemarketing, language review centers and the likes who would like to expand their service  offerings and revenue stream in the fast growing study overseas & immigration services industry 


  1. Marketing Associates/Agents – Suitable for “free lance” marketing & sales professionals and graduates who would like to would like to generate additional income and/or build a marketing career in the fast growing overseas education & immigration services industry.


What Do We Provide?


As a leader in the industry, we got everything that you need to get started and become a successful Channel Partner such  as: above industry commissions & revenues splits, best service packages,  best education & immigration partners marketing & training supports and time tested marketing plans as well as  co-marketing & co-branding options among others.

REVPRO is Now Open for Franchising


If you are planning to start a new business venture or expand an existing business in a fast growing  global industry that is market rich, with low start-up capital & operating costs, easy to set-up & simple to operate,  a franchise with REVPRO in the overseas education, visas & immigration services industry may be the right business option for you.



Our Franchise Program Highlights


  • Offers an easier, faster and more effective way of establishing, developing and operating your own overseas education, visas & immigration services consulting business - one of the fast growing global industry today 


  • Franchise fee is much lower compared to most business franchises and   offers a shorter franchise term option of 1 to 2 years with no franchise fee hike on renewal. Franchise fee can be fully recouped within 6 to 12 months thru effective marketing & client development plans implementation.

  • We offer 2 types of franchises 


  1. Business Franchise – The franchisee is granted full service franchise in a protected or   exclusive location pursuant to the terms of a covering business franchise agreement.

  2. Marketing Franchise – The franchisee is given a marketing license to promote REVPRO’s overseas education, visas & immigration services in a protected or exclusive territory pursuant to the terms of a covering Marketing Franchise Agreement


  • We provide our franchisees with a set of tools which will enable them to establish, develop & run their franchise business based on a proven road map to become profitable & successful in the shortest possible time including: Continuous training & marketing supports, Time tested marketing plans and business systems. In addition, we provide our Business Franchisees with a proprietary Franchise Operations Manual, unique Co-Counseling Support Option and Use of the REVPRO brand option.


If you interested, contact us so that we can discuss in more details this franchise business opportunity and the best ways & the next steps for you to operate your franchise business in your location. You may reach us 24/7 at 63.917.791.1885 or or skype: r2r_intl

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