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Our Services 

We provide one stop study abroad services in partnership with select educational institutions in Canada, Australia, US and NZ and wide range of visas & immigration services in collaboration with reputed immigration firm partners in the said countries

"One Stop" Study Canada, Australia, US and NZ Solutions

Enrollment Assistance in Most Suitable and Eligible Program 

Facilitating  the application to secure a valid LOA (Canada), COE (Australia), I-20 (US) and Offer/Acceptance Letter (NZ) in the most suitable academic program with the most favorable terms to the student.  


Wide range of affordable globally recognized academic programs in high demand fields eligible in the “Study-Work-Migrate” pathway are available at our select partner institutions in Canada, Australia, US and NZ.


Comprehensive Educational Support Services

English Tests (IELTS, PTE and Duolingo) Prep Review or Waiver Arrangement and assistance in Transfer Credits, Education Credential Assessment (ECA), Professional Registration, Pre-Arrival Orientation and other support services 

Wide Range of Visas & Immigration Services – Canada, Australia,
US and NZ

While there are varied immigrant & nonimmigrant visas available in Canada, Australia, US and NZ, our specialized focus are on specific visa categories which are deemed suitable and viable in general  for applicants  from the Philippines and similarly situated countries as discussed below:

Study-Work-Migrate Canada

Migration thru Education (Study-Work-Migrate) Visas


(Suitable for New Graduates, Professionals, Skilled Workers & Self-employed)

  •  Student Permit (SP) - Including SP Extension or Restoration of Status (if applicable)

  • Graduate Work Permits - Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and Other Work Permit Options for International Graduates

  • Permanent Residence (PR) Options for International Graduates - Express Entry / Canadian Experience Class,
    Provincial Nomination and Immigration Pilot Programs


  • Dependent Visas (Spouse/Partner and Children Below Age 22) - Spouse/Partner Open Work Permit and Child Open Study Permit or TRV

    Our clients' visas success rates on the above "Study-Work-Migrate" visas are nearly 100% approvals over the last 4 years. These include new and denied cases from our clients in the Philippines, inside Canada and other countries.


Immigrant (Permanent Residence) and Nonimmigrant (Temporary Residence) Visas


Express Entry (EE) – Focusing on Category Based EE

Category Based EE is suitable for professionals and skilled workers accepted in the EE pool with at least 6 months experience in an eligible job in the Health care, STEM, Trade, Transport and Agriculture & Agri-Foods field

Family Petition / Sponsored Migration

  • For Spouse/Partner and Child (up to age 22) of a Canadian PR or Canadian Citizen 

  • For Parents and Grandparents of a Canadian PR or Citizen (currently closed)


Provincial Nominee Programs  (PNP)

Focusing on Occupation in Demand”, “Express Entry” and Other Streams which do not require a job offer to make it more straightforward to the applicants

Business Immigration

  • Start Up Visa - In collaboration with our partner Canadian Immigration Firm and Designated Organizations

  • Other Business Immigration Programs - Investor Visas, Self-Employed and Intra-Company Transferee Visas

Temporary Residence Visas (TRV)

  • Super Visa – For parent and grandparent of a Canadian PR or Citizen (10 Year Multiple Entry with
    5 Years stay per entry)

  • Visitor Visa / Visitor Record – Including Extension or Status Change

Study in Australia

Migration thru Education (Study-Work-Migrate) Visas


  • Student Visa  500 - With part time work right up to 48 hrs per fortnight during classes and full time during school
    breaks & holidays. Masters and PHD students including their spouse/partner can work full time.  


  • Temporary Graduate Work Visa 485

    • Graduate Work Stream (Valid for 18 Months) - For graduates of eligible 2 years VET Diploma or Certificate  courses

    • Post Study Work Stream (Valid for 2 to 4 Years) - For graduates of Bachelor, Masters and PHD


  • Training Visa 407 – Paid internship (work-place based occupational training) valid up to 2 years

  • Temporary Skilled Shortage 482 - We only assist on the visa application part


  • Permanent Residence (PR) Options for International Graduates

    • General Skilled Migration  – Skilled Independent 189 and Skilled Nominated 190

    • Regional Migration - Family Sponsored Visa 491, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme 187 and other Regional Migration Programs


Immigrant (Permanent) and Nonimmigrant (Temporary) Visas

  • General Skilled Migration (Points Tested) – For Professionals and Skilled Workers with nominated occupations included in the MLTSSL​

  • Skilled Independent 189

  • Skilled Nominated 190 


  • Family Sponsored Migration  

  • Partner Visa 309 and 100 – Spouse, De Facto Partner and  Prospective Spouse  

  • Child Visa 101 – For eligible dependent child below age 18


  • Temporary Visas

    • Visitor Visa Sub Class 600 – Tourist Stream and Business Visitor Stream

    • Working Holiday Visa 462 and 417 -  Extended holiday with short term work visa (valid for 1 year - extendible) for eligible applicants ages 18 to 30

Study & Work USA

Study and Work Visas

Study USA
Study USA

Student Visa  

  • F1 Student Visa  -   For Academic Studies (Associate, Bachelor, Masters & PHD)

  • F1 Student Visa  – For Non-Academic/Vocational Studies (Certificate and Diploma)

Optional Practical Training (OPT)  Work Permit (EAD) - For F1 Students

  • For  Non-STEM Field Graduate - Valid for one (1) Year

  • For STEM Field Graduates - Additional of 2 Years

Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas

Study USA
Study USA
Study USA

Family Based/Sponsored Immigration 

  • Immediate Relative (IR) 1-130 Immigrant Petitions - For Spouse, Children and Parents of a US Citizen

    • IR1 / CR1 for Spouse

    • IR2 for Unmarried Children Below Age 21

    • IR5 for Parents


  • Family Preference I-130 Immigrant Petitions

    • Other Relatives of US Citizen – F1 Visa for Unmarried Children age 21 & Older,  F3 Visa for married children and F4 Visa for siblings

    • Spouse and Unmarried Children of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) – F2A Visa for spouses and unmarried children below age 21 & older


  • K1 Fiance/e Petition – Form I-129 Petition for Alien Fiance/e

    • K1  Fiance/e Visa - For a foreign fiance/e of a US Citizen to enter US and marry within 90 days of arrival

    • K2 Visa – For unmarried and below age 21 derivative child/ren of the alien fiance/e


Nonimmigrant Visas

  • B1/B2 Visitor Visas - For family visit, tourism, business related trip and other temporary visits

  • J1 Exchange Visitor Training Visas – Focusing on Interns and Trainees Visas

New  Zealand  (NZ)
Study-Work- Migrate New Zealand

Migration thru Education (Study-Work-Migrate) Pathway  Visas

Study & Live NZ
Study & Live NZ
Study & Live NZ
Study & Live NZ

Student Visa – With Part time work right up to 20 hrs. per week and full time during school breaks and holidays. Masters and PHD students authorized to work full time

Post Study Work Visa – Valid up to 3 years depending on student's  level of studies

  • Masters (Level 9) and PHD (Level 10) -  Valid for 3 years

  • Post Graduate Diploma (Level 8) – As per duration of studies

  • Degree (Level 7) – As per duration of studies

  • Non-Degree (Level 7) – As per duration of studies


Skilled Migrant Category PR Visa

  • Eligibility (Up to Age 55) – Earned 6 Migration Points Plus a Qualifying Job Offer

  • Migration Points from Completed Studies in NZ

  • PHD  / Doctorate  -  6 points

  • Masters – 5 points

  • Honours Degree or Post Graduate Diploma – 4 points

  • Bachelor or Post Graduate Certificate  - 3 points


  • Additional Points from Eligible Skilled Work Experience in NZ

    • 1 year    -  1 point

    • 2 years   -  2 points

    • 3 years   -  3 points


  • Dependent Visas

    • Spouse/Partner - May join and work full time

    • Child/ren below age 24 - May join and study for free (like Domestic Students)

​​Temporary Residence Visas

  • Visitor Visas

  • Working Holiday Visas

Our Process and How to Avail of our Services?

Visa Eligibility Assessment -  The first step to undergo  a 1-on-1 consultation with our Visas  Specialists Team so  that we can determine your eligibility, chances and  the most suitable study and/or visa or migration option that you (and/or your dependent/s) best qualify under the existing rules.  


If with Visa Refusal/s - We will assist you in determining  the best ways to  address the specific refusal grounds and in demonstrating that you meet the existing requirements in a new application geared towards  to overturning the visa rejection.


If you Decide to Engage our Services - After a positive assessment and you decide to engage our firm to assist you in the application process, the next step is to choose the Services & Fee Package (Full Service or DIY Assisted) and subsequently, sign a covering retainer agreement to start the process.


Our process: Simple, Fast, Effective, Time Tested and Tailored Path for Success


First, we shall provide you with the complete application requirements specific to your case and the “step by step” guidelines in navigating through the visa application process.


Afterwards,  we shall assist you in facilitating your visa application documentations in a standard which we expect the Visa Officer to make an assessment in your application thereby, maximizing your chances for approval.  


For US visa applications, we will additionally assist you in booking for a visa interview appointment  and prepare you for the interview (Q & A prep and mock interview, if need be)  with the US Embassy.

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